Sega ‘Super Game’ project includes ‘Crazy Taxi & Jet Set Radio restart’, but the devil is in the details

Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah Nahhh.

For many months now, Sega has been giving hints about its upcoming “Super Game” project, a close-knit internal concept that, while expected to be one of the company’s most ambitious ideas to date, has raised eyebrows with its possible connections. to the blockchain / NFT market – controversial technology that Sega has done nothing by seeing.

The latest news about the Super Game comes via a new ‘insider’ report from Bloomberg, which says that Sega has already started developing on big-budget reboots of two of its most popular and beloved franchises from the beginning of 00 ‘ erne: Crazy taxi and Jet Set radio. Bloomberg quotes that both punk rock Dreamcast classics have officially become the green light for the restart treatment. Production on Crazy taxi is reportedly already underway, with Sega aiming to launch the new game around 2025.

While the return of these two lines would generally be met with dizzying excitement, fans are instead acting against the news with apprehension. And with a good cause. According to Bloomberg’s sources, Sega is looking at a “Fortnite-style “service model for both titles, offering the two high-speed arcade titles as free-to-play games and filling them with crossover content, microtransactions, multiplayer emphasis, time-limited events, and presumably the possible inclusion of blockchain / NFT elements.

Sega’s Super Game initiative hopes to see the legendary developer release a number of new, large budget, multi-platform, AAA titles worldwide – which in itself is a fantastic idea, especially given the ingenious catalog of IP that Sega can draw on. But as with so many wonderful possibilities, the devil is in the details. It must be clearly repeated none of the above news has been officially clarified by Sega, however if Super Game simply translates to “Multiple Games as a Service titles with added NFT implementation”, then you can keep it, brother.

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