Snapchat introduces a cute little drone called Pixy

It’s a little yellow boi and it costs $ 230

Snap Inc. is possibly the development team behind Snapchat, but it’s also a stealth hardware maker. Its spectacle line of smart glasses was originally released in 2016 and has seen several iterations since then, including an AR-based pair that has yet to be released. The company’s latest hardware innovation is Pixy, a cute yellow drone that is basically meant to be a flying camera.

Pixy is not a big, bubbly piece of plastic like what we’ve seen from actual drone manufacturers like DJI (via TechCrunch). Instead, it is a small unit with four small propellers. It is not bigger than your palm and weighs only 101 grams. There is also no controller or even SD slot – there is a camera selector so you can set how the drone should fly while pictures and recordings are stored in your memories in the Snapchat app.

Preconfigured flight paths include a regular floating mode, an ability to circle around you, and an ability to follow you as you walk or run. When you want to stop a recording, just place your hand under the drone and it will land in the palm of your hand. In terms of battery life, you can expect to get five to eight planes before the battery is exhausted.

This will not replace a proper drone, but if all you want is to upload videos and photos taken from unique perspectives to your social media accounts – and you do not really have an interest in prosumer models – it seems like a pretty good option. It even comes with a carrying strap to take it with you wherever you go. You can get the Pixy for $ 230, and you can also add a portable battery charger (comes with two extra batteries alone) for an extra $ 20, bringing the total amount up to $ 250. It will be available for purchase in the US and France, and you can currently sign up to receive updates on the Pixy website.


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