Some Exynos-powered Samsung phones have trouble running Diablo Immortal

Wait, what do you think with Exynos phones is worse?

Diablo Immortal is perhaps the biggest news in Android gaming this week, and with good reason: fans have been waiting for this new post in the series for ages. While the reception the game gets is a bit mixed, everyone wants to try it for themselves. Unfortunately, if you’re on a Samsung phone powered by an Exynos chip, you might get a less than great experience.

Samsung phones built around Exynos chips already have a reputation for being a bit worse than their Snapdragon-based cousins. Although Exynos does not have the best performance, we still expect apps to at least run properly. But in the case of Diablo Immortal, as reported in a Reddit thread (via SamMobile), Exynos users are likely to encounter a few visual artifacts when playing the game, ranging from minor texture flaws to gameplay issues. These were originally reported to only affect budget phones like the Galaxy A13 or older flagships like the Galaxy S10 and Note10 lineups, but it also seems to affect even newer flagship phones like the Galaxy S22 series.


Graphic issues in Diablo Immortal on a Galaxy S22 +. Image source: SamMobile

Diablo Immortal’s development team is aware of this issue and is working to release a fix as soon as possible. At the moment there does not seem to be any solution and in fact the team is apparently exploring disabling downloads on these devices. The problem only affects Exynos-powered handsets and not all Samsung phones – if you have one with a Snapdragon chipset, you should not face any issues while playing the game.

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