Someone excited the Pixel Watch and said it looks ‘beautiful’

Pixel Watch on the wrist headline


  • The guy who leaked the alleged Pixel Watch prototype has released several photos of the device.
  • We can now see how Google’s smartwatch can look on the wrist.
  • The doctor says it is a “beautiful and comfortable watch.”

An alleged prototype of the Pixel Watch was bizarrely found abandoned at a restaurant in Chicago this weekend. Since then, the person who found it has revealed a lot of information about the laptop that Google could make official in the next few weeks. We had only seen the dial all along, but today we get to see the device in all its glory, complete with a ribbon. In addition, we also get to see what it could look like on the wrist, as the doctor has put some pictures of himself wearing it.

A 20 mm soft silicone strap is attached to the so-called Pixel Watch. The doctor says that it fits well on the device and does not show fingerprints or oiliness. He notes that it was “a kind of pain” to attach the strap to the watch, but it is “extremely secure.” He then goes on to describe how the watch feels on his wrist.

“It feels much thinner than the measurements would make you think. Compared to my Galaxy Watch, it feels like it’s not even there. And, big plus, the crown does NOT stick into the back of my hand when I bend my wrist back or writes, which is something that drives me crazy on other watches, ”wrote the leak in his Reddit post.

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Redditor concludes by saying that in his opinion, “this is without a doubt a beautiful and comfortable watch.” This is of course one person’s experience and you may feel different if and when you get the Pixel Watch for yourself. However, things are looking positive for now, and the alleged device actually looks pretty slim on the hand. What do you think? Take our vote above and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.