Sonos’ leaked $ 250 Soundbar seems like a rumor worth waiting for

A rendered image of the budget soundbar

A look at The Verges depiction of the budget Sonos soundbar.
Picture: The edge

If you’re looking to buy a soundbar, you might want to save your money on what Sonos has in store.

The edge reports that Sonos’ entry-level soundbar is almost ready for its close-up, and it may be here as early as June 7th. The device is supposed to the code name “Fury”, even though the publication says it will probably be listed asmodel S36. “ The model will reportedly costs $ 250 and will join Sonos’ existing soundbar lineup, including $ 450 Ray 2 and $ 800 Bow.

There are no official photos from Sonos showing the new device, so The Verge mocked its own 3D renderings for the news. While not an exact copy of what’s to come, it does provide a little insight into Sonos’ strategy going forward.

It was inevitable that Sonos would follow up with a budget offer. Its speakers have been praised for over a decade for their relatively roomy sound. There has also been a wealth of budget competition coming into the fold from other brands, viz Viziowho managed to put together an extremely thriving home theater package with the V-Series V51x-J6, now available for under $ 200.

Since it is not a flagship, it is rumored budget Sonos soundbar is not reported as having the same offerings as its premium counterparts. That probably will not have Dolby Atmos or built-in microphones to call a digital assistant, nor will it have an HDMI port. There is only one optical cable in the box to connect it to your TV, says the leak. But if you have other Sonos speakers in your household, you can supposedly sync them with this one for 5.1 surround sound. It will probably be there anyway now be an affordable way to add to your ecosystem without breaking the bank more than you Has already after investing in a Sonos system.

The leaked specifications of the Sonos S36 do it out to be smaller than the Sonos Beam, which was already a fairly compact device. The company also reckons that its existing user base might want to grab one of these to add to their setup, the report says. so supposedly it will be too sells an accessory for vertical mounting of the soundbar on the wall.

Sonos has not yet announced this affordable soundbar, so so far it’s just something to look forward to. The Verge asked Sonos about this particular leak, to which the company replied that it does not “comment on rumors or speculation.