Stardew Valley mods for Grandpa’s bed are getting out of control

The popular agricultural sim Stardew Valley starts with you inheriting a piece of land from your deceased grandfather. As the scene unfolds, you will see your grandfather lying sick in bed grabbing a letter that he has bequeathed his farm to you. In the original version of the scene, Grandpa’s bed looks quite uncomfortable, as if Grandpa is lying on one of the plastic tables that unfold. Over the years, it has become a recurring joke throughout the fandom, and recently fans have created mods that riff from nichememe.

The opposite of Grandpa’s bed was picked up in early April, and they are all visual jokes riffing on the original shitty bed. The mod in the main picture in this article turns the bed into a pretty smart ping pong table. Another mod called “Slightly Worse Grandpa Bed” makes the bed just a touch less comfortable by breaking off one leg of the bed frame so that Grandpa sleeps on an uneven surface. According to the fashion side, the creator made it “just in case the original grandfather’s bed was not bad enough.”

a grandfather lying in bed in a stardew valley mod, but one leg of the bed is broken.  it looks uncomfortable.

Photo: Concerned Ape / Switchswatchh

A mod transforms the grandfather into the bed itself:

is old grandfather shaped into a bed.  as if his body literally looks deformed, so that's the shape of the bed.

Photo: Concerned Ape / Novamare

This refers to the popular Family guy dead bag meme. Here, instead of Peter Griffin lying on the floor, we see our poor grandfather.

your grandfather is lying dead on the floor with a distorted pose

Image: Concerned Ape / BeepSignal

Another mod just takes Grandpa completely off the stage. Good riding! Both this and Family guy death pose mod were created by BeepSignal because in their words they are “committed to a little.”

a picture of an empty room without a bed or grandfather.  there is just a fireplace.

Image: ConcernedApe / BeepSignal

This is not even all mods. Other fun examples include a courage to turn the bed into a piece of mail and the mail into a tiny bed, as well as another where Grandpa wets the bed.

Stardew Valley is known for having a live modding scene. Whether it’s adding more delicious food or adjusting the gameplay so that it’s less frustrating, mods have generously expanded the game’s world in useful and charming ways. Now these mods are all just to annoy grandpa. It may seem like it would be awkward for him, but don’t worry – Grandpa is sleeping heavily!