Stardew Valley players do not stop making increasingly unrelated Grandpa death mods

As written in the farm life sim bylaws, Stardew Valley begins, as so many do: with your character inheriting a piece of land from their dear, deceased relative. In Stardew, your friendly, old grandfather gets a quick farewell scene on a rather shabby-looking deathbed, where he conveys his last wishes that you should take over the family farm. Enter the moths, which years ago took pity on Grandpa and gave him a better bed. Suddenly, society is instead obsessed with giving grandfather the most disgraceful death possible.

As seen of Gamesradarand Stardew mud on the game’s subreddit rounded up several new mods in the self-proclaimed “dying grandfather renaissance”. There has certainly been an influx of new grandfather death scenes, but if I am not sure that renaissance is the artistic nomenclature I would choose. These grandfather broadcasts are somewhere between surrealism and postmodernism.