Steam users surprised by new free game

Steam users have been surprised by a new free game. Between now and May 2, Alper Gonen and Dogan Dipcin have made their games, Mido and Di, free for all Steam users, without conditions. Usually the game costs only $ 5.99, so the savings are not huge, but free is free. That said, whether or not the game is worth your time, Steam user reviews are shared.

The game – which was just released last November – has 64 user reviews on the digital store front, and given that it has no reviews on Metacritic, this is the only insight potential players have on its quality. Of the 64 reviews, 60 percent of them rate the game positively, giving the game a “Mixed” User Review Score.

Below you can read more about the game and also watch an official gameplay trailer for it:

“Mido is an alien kid who has nightmares about zombie creatures. One night he draws a creature, Di, and it comes alive to teach Mido how to fight zombies,” reads an official pitch of the game. “Mido and Di was a short animation project that we wrote but that we could not complete almost 15 years ago. This game is based on that story, but the story does not play much in the game. This is a hectic action, third person, zombie You play in simplistic, beautiful-looking lanes and try to shoot zombie aliens before they get you. Zombie aliens come in waves, like a tower defense game, but this is a third-person look for that mechanic. You have three different weapons, and they is very fun to use. By combining ice and firearms you can even get coins out of zombies. With those coins you upgrade weapons. “

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