Tales from the Borderlands sequel announced, Spins a New Yarn in 2022

If you did not know, PAX East is in the US right now, so we’re a little detached on the other side of the pond. Any messages that may occur feel a little out of nowhere until we remember what is happening. An example: news of a brand new Tales from the Borderlands has just been revealed.

Announced by 2K Games and Gearbox, there is very little information available right now – we just know this thing exists. Whether this new title will be a direct sequel to the Telltale original or a completely separate adventure is still unknown. As the above tweet says, it’s a “brand new” Tales from the Borderlands, which leads us to believe that it’s hardly directly related to the previous title.

It’s coming out sometime this year, and that’s pretty much all you need to know right now. There are no words about platforms, story details or characters – our only tip is the single image. Randy Pitchford, who spoke at PAX, said the game will be shown in more detail for the summer. It’s exciting that we’ll dive back into the more narrative-focused side of the looter shooter universe.

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