Telegram update gives you more control over notification tones and mute durations

What you need to know

  • Telegram’s latest enhancements include the ability to customize your message alerts using any sound.
  • The app has also rolled out custom mute durations and multiple steps to the auto-delete timer.
  • Its picture-in-picture mode on Android now lets you resize the window player.
  • There are new animated food emojis in the chat and an updated interface to change your phone number.

Although Telegram is without a doubt less popular than WhatsApp, the team behind one of the best messaging apps deserves a pat on the back for releasing new updates almost on a monthly basis. The latest round of enhancements is now available and it gives you more control over your Telegram experience.

Telegram now lets you take more control of your message sound by setting any sound as your message alert. This means you can now make notification tones out of your favorite music or even memes. A voice message can also be used as a tone and assigned to any single chat or group of chats.