The Android Auto 7.6 update is now coming out for devices

Expect a lot of bug fixes; the new user interface has to wait

Big changes are coming to Android Auto. For the past several months, we’ve been waiting for Google to finally push its new “Coolwalk” interface, but when will it actually land? We’re still waiting for an ETA (and with Google I / O 2022 just around the corner, we may soon get our wish), but even though Coolwalk is not ready for prime time yet, a new update is on the way out at the moment, as Android Auto 7.6 is starting to get to more and more devices.

It was just three weeks ago that we saw Android Auto 7.5 hit the distribution cycle – and we were similarly a little sad that Coolwalk was not included. We knew of some changes under the hood that work to support its USB connection control, but there was not much to see.

This 7.6 release (spotted by 9to5Google) continues much in the same spirit, and so far this one seems to be missing some major user-facing changes. We have heard speculation that it may end up bringing Smart Replies to even more people than already had access, but as we first discovered that on 7.5, this new release is clearly not a requirement.

Google updated its Android Auto bug tracker on May 1st, so it’s likely to reflect the changes we’ll get in 7.6. Google notes that issues with redirecting voice calls to the wrong device and unhelpful “something went wrong” Assistant answers have been resolved. We also learn that efforts to address Galaxy S22 compatibility and language settings are ongoing.

Android Auto 7.6 is on its way to smartphones now through the Play Store, or you can grab it from APKMirror.

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