The best apps to train in 2022 [Android] – How smart technology changes lives

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Android offers a wide range of apps that can fulfill various functions, such as applications for luxury homes, watching free movies, password management, playing music and much more. Currently, it is one of the most sought after applications for training because they have useful and interesting features and allow you to train without leaving home.

These types of apps provide help, motivation and guidance in the field of physical exercise.

The applications that we recommend training with your Android mobile can be perfectly integrated with smart watches and wristbands used to monitor training routines. This greatly facilitates the exhaustive monitoring of any preparation.

My Fitness Card: It is able to record all training routines performed during the day. A big advantage is that the app, depending on what the person needs, suggests the best training programs for the user. It is very useful for all those who love to run or jog.

Mapmyfitness app

runkeeper: This application is owned by the sports equipment company Asics. It covers the basic principles of the sport perfectly as it can lay out the best jogging routes, creates encouraging messages and the personal trainer keeps the user focused on their task.

training apps

Fitbit: It is one of the best applications for training, especially if it is enhanced with a smart watch or bracelet of the same brand. It offers several training and nutrition plans to provide your best. It is also able to track sleep to determine its quality.

Apps to train

GoogleFit: The main goal of this app is to keep its users in shape. To do this, it uses an incentive called “Heart Points”. These points are earned by doing activities like going for a walk, completing daily training goals and more. It is in the ability to monitor sleep, heart rate and body weight.

The Google Fit app

Nike Run Club: As the name suggests, this is an application focused on runners. The monitoring it performs reveals accurate statistics. It allows you to compete with other people connected to the same network, it has compatibility with Wear OS among others.