The ‘Destiny 2’ weapon types that need a new sandbox patch

Bungie is currently preparing one really massive TWAB to this Thursday, which will present a number of changes coming to the sandbox of Destiny 2 next season, and I think it might not even include solar / arc 3.0, which also arrives then, and I guess that it will be a separate revaluation.

At this point, I have reviewed usage rates in PvP and PvE and have seen some clear outliers, as well as you know I myself play the game. Here are the underperforming or underrepresented weapon types in Destiny right now that could probably use some polishing.

scout rifles – Apart from Dead Man’s Tale, Scout Rifles are just almost never played in either PvP or PvE, except for the rare instances where you might take your old Night Watch out to peel some anti-barrier shields down. Bungie has said that they are afraid of buffing Scouts too much in PvP specifically as it gets boring really fast but I would love to see some love for them in PvE. Exotics like MIDA and Jade Rabbit could also use a little generalized help.

Autorifler Will certainly not return to the Gnawing Hunger PvP meta, but especially in PvE, Auto Rifles need some pretty serious help as they dramatically underperform any other type of primary in that state at this point. We may have the weird Chroma Rush that feels good, but in general we need to see some buffs for at least some of the archetypes.

Sidearme – At the risk of letting True Vanguard break the game, Sidearms just aren’t at the same level as SMGs right now for the most part, especially in PvE, though Bungie has said they’re careful about polishing them too much to do them UP as it is a fine line in that area. Doubt we see anything here.

Machine gun – As always, Machine Guns feels underpowered in the heavy slot compared to most other options. Bungie keeps trying to polish them for crowd clearing, but it just does not do much when we have options such as. Volatile Rounds Funnelweb or Chain Reaction Forbearance. We need that boss damage buffer.

Heavy grenade launchers – These were king for a brief moment, but have become nervous to more or less complete irrelevance, stuck in an awkward place between crowd clearing and boss damage, but not so good either.

Glaives – I have written whole essays on how much glaives to polish, especially after the seasonal mods disappear, and I think they are going to be a bad place without serious help for the new weapon type. I actually think most of the other special weapons, grenade launchers, snipers, mergers and shotguns are in a beautiful well spot, which means that glaives will feel even more like the strange possibility in the near future.

These are the ones that stand out to me. Usage rates are low on things like bows and swords also outside e.g. Le Monarque, Trinity Ghoul and Lament, but I’m not sure what to do with the whole classes. And I think some unique specialized weapons need help, such as heavy snipers Whisper and DARCI, who have gotten big buffs that simply are not enough in the past already.

We’ll see what this Thursday and next season brings.

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