The Face Lock setting appears on the Pixel 6 Pro after Android 13 Beta 1

Google has released today first Android 13 public beta, and those with a compatible phone can now install it. M. Brandon Lee by THIS IS TECH TODAY says a Face Unlock option appeared on their Pixel 6 Pro after installing the latest version of Google’s operating system

Predictive marketing materials and code snippets indicate that Google actually planned to include Face Unlock functionality on the Pixel 6 Pro. Even Android 12 QPR3 Beta for Pixel 6 1.1 mentioned Face Unlock several times.

The Pixel 6 Pro does not have any dedicated hardware such as an IR camera or spot projector for face biometrics, so it sounds like the Mountain View giant will use the phone’s 11MP front camera and internal Tensor chip to get the job done.

The standard model was never expected to offer face locking, but whether it was a decision Google made to create further differentiation between the two, or it was due to the lower resolution 8MP camera with a smaller field of view is not known.

Brandon adds that it is not possible to actually use this feature right now and also revealed that someone with a Pixel 5 also got this option.

Although the Pixel 5 is unlikely to get this feature, the Pixel 6 Pro is still expected to get this functionality. Per a latest report, Google is still working on bringing the feature to the handset, and the current plan is to ship it with the next feature drop, which is expected in June,

The Pixel 6 Pro has a fingerprint scanner, but it often turns out to be unreliable, so it would be great if supplemented by a face locking system. Face unlocking systems have their own drawbacks, especially the 2D type that Google is working on because it is less secure than sophisticated systems like Apple and can also be cheated with an image of someone.

Pixel 6 is one of those best Android phones on the market, thanks to its excellent cameras and new designs, and the addition of a new feature is likely to increase its appeal even more.