The Fire Ring Mod lets you ravage like Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a powerful Sith Lord who is capable of defeating the biggest, worst and most dangerous enemies in the galaxy. And now, thanks to a talented modder, one of the most iconic villains in cinema history has been added to the PC version of Elden Ring. Impressive. Most impressive.

As you probably already know, Star wars characters do not usually appear in Elden Ring. But on Nexus Mods, two creators have teamed up and released an armor exchange mode for Elden Rings “Confess” set. Once installed, the confessor armor will be visually modified into Darth Vader’s famous black suit, complete with helmet, boots and cloak. The mod, which was uploaded last month, was created by modders drs2 and Xelerate.

If you now combine this Darth Vader outfit with a lightsaber against also created and uploaded by Xelerate, you can create your very own Darth Vader action-RPG in the open world. Sure, you do not want to fight aliens or rebels, but they did not do much of a fight anyway. Moreover, the world of Elden Ring could well use some sick lightsaber action. No matter how good the game is, it is sorely lacking in that department.

On top of YouTube, user lolmetwice did just that – mixed the Darth Vader outfit with the lightsaber mod – and decided to fight one of Elden Ring ‘s most famous bosses: Godrick the Grafted. Of course, we’re talking about Darth Vader here, so it should come as no surprise that the former Jedi was easily able to defeat Godrick by taking just a few hits in the process.

If you want to play as Darth Vader in FromSoftware’s greatest RPG to date, just go over to Nexus mods and download the Vader armor mod and the separate lightsaber mod. Then it’s just a case of following a few simple instructions, including pulling the necessary files into the right one Elden Ring folders and set your game to play offline. In no time you will be playing as Darth Vader.

Just remember: Elden Ring mods, including those that add Grand Theft Auto sign or Homer Simpson to the game, is only available on PC. That’s the strength of an open platform like the computer: You can create and play all the damn content you want.