The iPad still lacks a Weather app – this is how it should look

For some strange reason, some native iOS apps are still missing on the iPad – like Calculator and Weather apps. While there are no hints that the iPad will finally get a Weather app this year with the upcoming iPadOS 16, this new concept shows exactly what the app should look like on the big screen.

The concept created by designer Timo Weigelt gives us an idea of ​​what the Weather app on the iPhone would look like on the iPad. This is not the first time someone has made a concept for an iPad Weather app, but Weigelt told 9to5Mac that most concepts do not follow Apple’s design guidelines, making them unrealistic.

That’s why Weigelt came up with this concept, which is largely based on what the Weather app is currently offering on the iPhone. And honestly, it certainly looks like something Apple would do.

Since the iPad has a larger screen, the app will display more information at the same time. For example, when in landscape, the Weather app displays a sidebar with all the user’s favorite cities as well as a more detailed forecast. But the designer has also thought of some new ideas for the app.

The concept brings “Jiggle Mode” to the Weather app, allowing users to rearrange the information panels the way they want. Weigelt also suggests that the app should have weather reports and a macOS version.

With iPadOS 15, Apple finally let users add a complete Weather widget to the iPad home screen. But when you tap it, the widget redirects you to The Weather Channel’s site in Safari. Maybe this year the company will finally give iPad users what they really deserve.

You can see the whole concept at Behance.

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