The LG V60 ThinQ now receives Android 12 in the US

LG may have pulled itself completely out of the smartphone market, but the Korean company has been strangely sweet with software support and has not wanted to let down its customers. So it announced that it would update selected models to Android 12 and even to Android 13, and the rollout of Velvet has already started.

And now a new LG device is joining this party. We are talking about the LG V60 ThinQ in the US, and specifically the devices sold by T-Mobile. Several reports on Reddit have surfaced from people who own this device and receive the update for Android 12.

The LG V60 ThinQ now receives Android 12 in the US

That’s great news, of course, but it’s also pretty weird, as the V60 was not on either of LG’s two lists of eligible devices. It seems that the company just wants to surprise us – and we do not mind.

Anyway, the changelog of the update is short and vague, but you should expect to receive all the goodies that Google packed into the Android 12 release last year, with some LG paint on top. You also get the security patch level from March 2022, which is obviously not current, but can we really complain when the company that issued it has resigned in the smartphone world?

The download size of the update is 1.17 GB, so maybe take it only from a fast enough network. As always, the rollout is likely to be phased, so it may take a few more days before it reaches all the V60 devices that are still out there in the wild.