This is how the Google Pixel Watch will look on your wrist

Pricing information and Samsung’s involvement have also been revealed

Pixel Watch has been in the rumor mill since last year. But the biggest report only came a few days ago, when someone allegedly found an engineering sample of Google’s upcoming smartwatch at an American restaurant – there were a lot of pictures for it. Later, the doctor took to Reddit to show us the watch from several angles along with a size comparison with the Galaxy and Apple Watches. The person has now released new images showing the fully assembled Pixel Watch on their wrist, while new sources reveal the laptop’s targeted launch price.

Redditor u / tagtech414 detailed his experience with the Pixel Watch, noting that the strap was difficult to attach the first time – but once successful, the connection felt really secure. The soft silicone strap is said to be 20mm wide (like the Samsung Galaxy Watch4). It also does a relatively good job of masking fingerprints. The poster emphasized the light nature of the Pixel Watch compared to the OG Galaxy Watch and said, “it feels like it’s not even there.” Comfort was another important point for discussion with Tagtech414, who said the crown of the watch did not stick to the back of his hand when he bent his wrist backwards or typed, a problem he has had with other watches.

There is a whole Imgur gallery of the watch and the strap from different angles if you want to see even more pictures. And if you’re wondering why the doctor did not release these images earlier, there’s a good explanation. In an AMA, Tagtech414 claimed that the watch head and straps were wrapped in separate packaging, and the friend who found the watch forgot to take the latter with him.

The new images show a smart-like device and should dispel any doubts you had about the fit. In terms of software, however, the details are still in the air. Unfortunately, the doctor has not been able to turn on the device – although previous photos showed the “G” logo without starting up in Wear OS – so we will have to wait for (hopefully) Google I / O to get a better idea of what it is actually like to use the watch.

Meanwhile, a recent tweet from delicious Yogesh Brar sheds more light on what to expect from the Pixel Watch. According to him, the upcoming wearable would be the latest benefactor in Google’s partnership with Samsung – as a result, it will use the same sensors as the Galaxy Watch. Although we have not yet seen the actual user interface, the Pixel Watch should run a “new” Wear OS 3.1 build, whatever that means. Like Samsung, Google can also release two sizes with at least four watchband colors. The watch will see a limited release and should cost between $ 300 and $ 400.


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