This is the Android phone feature you need to have

We are deep down in Android’s lifetime at this point. Over the years, phones have been equipped with more and more amazing features, some of which we would describe as more important than others. This made us think, what is an Android feature we can not live without?

When I create a list in my mind, I think of monitors with high refresh rates, NFC, “Warp Charging” (extremely fast charging speeds in general), wireless charging, curved glass screens, IP ratings (water resistance) and of course, expandable storage space. It’s right from the top of my head.

We know for sure that everyone appreciates these different features differently. For example, we know that some people cannot live without their precious SD card slot. It is all right. Others cannot do without NFC and water resistance. But what if you were forced to choose only one? Let’s find out!

What is the Android phone feature you can not live without?