Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Patch makes her strongest class even stronger ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

A Clawbringer says "brought it to hell" while standing at a castle in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which has just been given a large patch.

Screenshot: Gearbox

Little Tina’s Wonderland have not even been out a month, but fresh on the heels of release of the game’s first expansiondeveloper Gearbox is rolled out the biggest patch yet for its busy loot shooter. Let’s break it down.

A key here is a change in how the game’s luck dice feature working. When you get through the different realms of Wonderland, you will find various golden, 20-sided dice. Slapping them gives you a quick prey, but there is a greater incentive to chase them: Every dice you find increases your loot luck, which is the state that dictates your chances of finding gear with higher rarity. The catch, at least for the past month, has been that dice can only be earned one character at a time. There are 260 dice.


After today’s patch, but once a dice is found, it applies to all the characters in your account – it’s not necessary to find them all for all of your characters.

The update also adjusts the Chaos Chamber, the roguelit-inspired playoff mode of Little Tina’s Wonderland where you run through spaces and mow down waves of increasingly difficult enemies. First, enemies should now spawn faster and address concerns from higher-level players who would kill waves of enemies only to end up standing and waiting for more mooks to appear. For another, it increases the severity of the condition.

By conducting so-called “chaos experiments” in the Chaos Chamber, you can unlock new levels of difficulty, called “chaos”, where each unlocked level increases the health and damage results of enemies in turn to increase the chances that rare prey can fall. Yesterday, the chaos ended at 20. Today, that ceiling has been kicked up to a maximum of 35. (There is no news yet of a similar rise to the level limit.) When you hit chaos level 35, loot has a chance of falling on the new “clock” rarity level.

Gearbox also rolled out a handful of changes to the Clawbringer class, which it already is the strongest in the game. Its action skill, a melee attack that inflicts fire damage in a large radius, now inflicts fire damage in a bigger radius. And the powerful “storm-strike” skill – where by using your action skill you have beaten enemies with lightning – no longer has a chill. Not sure why the studio decided to buffer the best class of the six currently available, but speaking of you as a Clawbringer main, you will not see any complaints from me!

But even these buffs can pale in comparison to the news that you can now change the name of your pet’s dragon (and of course the pets to Graveborn and Spore Warden classes, too). After all, nothing beats the power of friendship.

All of these changes come in addition to dozens of minor tweaks, UI updates, bug fixes, and balance tweaks – though nothing terribly earthquake you can read the full list here– culminating in: “… and more!”

It is unclear what changes, if any, that line refers to. Gearbox representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.