Today’s Word ‘Today’s Word # 315 Answers and tips: Saturday 30 April

Time flies when you do Wordles.

It’s April 30th, the last day of the month. Tomorrow is May. The month of May is named after the Roman goddess Maia, a natural god. It suits the season. Spring started way back in March, but it is not until late April and May that the world really comes to life again.

See how lovely the trees in our front yard are right now while the flowers are sprouting:

It’s honestly a little breathtaking every time I go outside right now. Pink seems to fill the air. A woman parked in front of our house today in her silver-colored SUV, and one could hardly see that it was silver. It looked pink.

In any case, the end of the month, the beginning of a new, but just as much. Wordle is here for us every day. Let’s take a look at today’s words. It’s a good one!

Word of the day # 315 answers and tips

Of course be warned: spoilers follow.

But first a tip: Somewhere between egg and adult, some creatures have this phase.

And the answer is. . .

See? Great word today! I probably got to it so quickly due to Elden Ring. There is one element of the game that allows you to ‘respect’ your character, called a Larval Tear. I almost made today’s tip, but it was a little unclear.

At least, as promised in yesterday’s guide, I chose the floor crawl to set things in motion today. Wordle Bot was not so crazy about the choice, but it got me three letters in yellow, which I think is pretty good. Crane would not have given me the ‘L’ anyway.

Shines did not do much other than give me a green ‘A’ and a pretty good sense of where ‘L’ and ‘R’ would probably end up, leading directly to large as my third guess. Wordle Bot approved this guess and informed me that it would have guessed as well large. Of course buddy. Copy cat.

From here, there was apparently only one solution left, and I guessed it. Larva for the victory!

Enjoy your last day in April, dear readers. As Starks could say, if they were less gloomy, summer is coming.

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