Top 10 best Android apps you can try for FREE in 2022

The Android ecosystem has a wealth of apps that users can install for free. These apps help us take care of regular and consistent tasks. In fact, a report from Statista reveals that over 95% of apps in the Google Play Store are actually free apps. Since Play Store has 3.48 million apps, that means there are over 3 million free apps in Play Store. There are apps for multiple purposes including games, streaming videos, notes, music and so on. Of the millions of free apps that can be downloaded, it can be quite difficult to figure out the best free apps.

Top 10 best Android apps

For this purpose, we take a look at some of the best free Android apps that you can install. While some of the apps are very popular and some are even the most downloaded, others are not so popular but deliver efficiently. Below are the 10 best free Android apps that we would recommend

Best free apps for Android smartphones in 2022

The list below contains some of the best Android applications in the Play Store. The key features of each app are also available, so give a reasonable idea of ​​what the application has to offer.

Google Find My Device – Free Android App

The “Find My” app is one of the most appreciated apps on both Android and iOS. The Google Find My Device app is one of the best Play Store apps available for free. This app helps users easily find their devices when they are missing. One of the selling points of this app is that it is very easy to use. In addition, you can delete all data and reset the PIN or password remotely.

Features of the Google Find My Device app

  • Find your lost device seamlessly
  • Easily access the app from your desktop or other devices
  • Can find multiple Android devices where the account is active
  • Remotely delete pin, password and smartphone data
  • Lock the lost smartphone

It’s interesting to note that Gmail is available for free. This app offers all possible services when it comes to mailing. With Gmail, you can have proper control over all your emails. Interestingly, you can get alerts about new emails, just like you get alerts about text messages. Many other Google services like Google Meet, Hangouts and other services are now available directly from Gmail. In fact, you can chat directly from the Gmail app. With over 5 billion downloads, Gmail is easily one of the best free Android apps that you can try.

Features in Gmail

  • Well-organized emails
  • Quick updates
  • Email alerts (push notifications)
  • Sync with Google DOCs
  • Google Contacts
  • Connects to all your contacts from different platforms
  • Syncs with other GMS services

3. Ground News

When it comes to news platforms, there are a wealth of choices to choose from. Ground news, however, has a reputation for authenticating and verifying its reports across all spectrums. Like most apps in the Play Store, there is also a subscription option that gives you access to more. What’s more, Ground News combines its reports from over 50,000 news sources.

Features of Ground news

  • Verifies and authenticates its news daily
  • Huge database for the news source
  • Over 30,000 news daily
  • Allows news comparison across different platforms

4. Spotify – Free App for Android

If you are someone who likes your music clean and smooth, then Spotify might be just the app you are looking for. If you want a whole world of music, then you should try Spotify. This app allows users to create their playlists with their favorite music and albums. You can download and install this application for free.

Features in Spotify

  • High quality sound and streaming
  • Users can access playlists even after deleting them
  • Suggest similar songs and artists to your favorite
  • Privatize your songs
  • Privatize your playlist based on your interest

5. Instasize – Free App for Android

Well, a long list of Android smartphones comes on the market every year and many of these do not come with the best cameras. Even when the cameras are good, there is also a need for image editing. This is why there are tons of image editing tools in Play Store. However, Instasize is an advanced photo editing app that stands out. Despite its advanced features, this app is also free. With this application, Android users can get unique and premium content. You can customize the background and use other beauty tools.

Features of Instasize

  • It has 100+ original filters
  • Vintage overlays
  • Premium color adjustment tools
  • Exclusive content
  • Custom templates for Instagram, TikTok, etc.

6. Google Translate

Is there any surprise that Google Translate is on this list? I’m sure many will not be surprised. But if you are, then here are some reasons why Google Translate is one of the best free apps for Android. If you are a traveler or a foreigner in a foreign country, you will understand the importance of Google Translate. You’re in a zone where everything is written in a foreign language, Google Translate got you. This app can translate to over 100 languages. In addition, you can download over 50 languages ​​for offline use. With over 1 billion downloads, this app is one of the most popular globally.

Additionally, you can direct your camera at a strange text and it gives you an instant translation. However, this is only available for about 40 languages. In addition, you also get access to the handwriting or scribbling which supports over 90 languages. All of these are available completely free of charge.

Google Translate Features

  • Helps with the communication barrier
  • Offline translation
  • Translate any text
  • Translates text into images (including signs)
  • Syncs with Chrome, Google app and Gboard app
  • Saves relevant translation for subsequent quick access

7. LastPass

LastPass is a password manager and password lock application. This app protects your passwords and other sensitive information from hackers. In short, we can call this app a master password that protects the others. This gives users a sense of security when managing their passwords.

Features in LastPass

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Mobile app pin lock up
  • Fingerprint login
  • Generate passwords at random
  • Automatic form filler
  • Protects user box and digital wallet
  • One-to-one One-to-many sharing
  • Encrypted file storage

8. Google News

One of the great things about Google News is that users have some control over what they want in their feed. You can permanently remove news from a specific source from your feed. This app makes use of AI techniques to deliver relevant news. This app has both the “For You” and “Full Coverage” sections. While the former shows you news regarding your preferences, the latter covers other similar stories that provide a different perspective. There is also a “Newsstand” where users can subscribe to other news sources.

Google New Features

  • Keeps you updated with the latest trends in the world
  • Select the sources whose stories you want to follow
  • News broadcasts: Slideshow of several articles from various sources
  • Coverage includes reliable sources and alternative opinions

9. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a free app that allows Android users to communicate and do a whole lot of other things. This assistant can provide answers to questions, make plans for users and even trigger apps. This is possible even with a simple voice command. Another interesting part of this app is that its performance is the same regardless of phone type. Google Assistant helps you customize the other Google services you use.

Features of Google Assistant

  • Visual answers with Chromecast
  • Google Home can make calls
  • Works with iOS
  • Supports different languages ​​and regions
  • Also a reminder

10. Bumble

Bumble is actually a dating app that makes it easier and faster to meet people. One of the key factors of this app is that it gives you access to people around you. Moreover, if you want people all over the globe, Bumble can make that happen too. On this app, women have the opportunity to take the first step. But as we do for all dating apps, we recommend that you thread with caution, especially the women.

Features of Bumble

  • Users have 24 hours to make a move after the match is made
  • There is no discrimination in terms of sexuality
  • Strict verification process to participate in the app


There are several apps in the Play Store that are available for free, but these stand out. If you need to get any of these apps, just go to Play Store and search for their titles.