Top 5 Windows 11 Features: If you do not use them, you will miss something

Top 5 Windows 11 Features: Windows 11 brought a wide range of changes and new additions, but these are without a doubt the best of them. Have you checked all of these out?

Top 5 Windows 11 Features: Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 from October 2021, promising a completely redesigned user interface, new productivity tools, and cool features that create a seamless experience for all users. But the update was released in batches where the newer devices got it first. The company stated that all compatible devices will be offered the update by mid-2022. As a result, many of us have either not received Windows 11 updates or have not yet made the transition. For even those of you who have updated but not fully explored the features, we bring you the 5 best Windows 11 features that you really should use. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Android apps on Windows 11

The first on the list of top 5 Windows 11 features are Android apps. This was probably one of the most in-demand features that Windows users have been in demand for a long time. Many were disappointed as it did not happen in Windows 10 (except for the rare occasion where the user had a Samsung Galaxy smartphone). But now the full functionality is here in Windows 11.

Basically, you can download and install Android apps directly on your PC. To use this feature, you need to download the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store. When done, you can browse more than 50,000 Android apps, including both free and paid, and install them directly. While it does not have every single Android app, all of them are popular like Netflix, Uber, Pinterest and more.

2. Widget craze on Windows 11

Windows 11 has also added widgets to the interface. Similar to the ‘news and interest’ feature in Windows 10, widgets are customizable mini-applications that display instant information such as news, weather, calendar, to-do list, and more. Windows 11 also gives widgets their own home – a single panel where you can check all the widgets together.

An integrated team

The third on our list of top 5 Windows 11 features is the integration with Microsoft’s video chat platform Teams. You can either access the platform via the taskbar menu or by launching the chat tool, which gives you quick access to message, text, voice or video calls.

4. Virtual desktops

Windows 11 now gives you access to separate virtual desktops to keep work and personal projects separate. Each virtual desktop can be customized using different backgrounds, apps and widgets. It is also very easy to switch between them.

5. Snap layout

The last feature on our list of top 5 Windows 11 features is snap layout. It makes your job very easy. When you have multiple windows open, the operating system lets you arrange them in different layouts on the screen by selecting a preset. So you no longer have to manually arrange multiple windows to work between programs.