Top Stories: MagSafe Battery Pack Update, iPhone 14 Rumors and more

This week, there was a good mix of Apple news and rumors, including an update to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack that lets you charge your iPhone faster while on the go, and some fresh iPhone 14 rumors.

top stories April 23, 2022
Other topics included Samsung’s new M8 display as a competitor to Apple’s Studio Display, a fresh round of beta versions of the operating system and more, so read on below for all the details!

MagSafe battery pack now capable of charging at faster 7.5 W speed after firmware update

Apple this week released a firmware update for the MagSafe Battery Pack that allows the battery pack to charge an iPhone wirelessly at up to 7.5W speeds, up from the previous 5W limit.

magsafe battery pack iphone 12 mini

We’ve shared step-by-step instructions on how to update your MagSafe Battery Pack firmware. The firmware version can be checked on an iPhone in the Settings app under General> About> MagSafe Battery Pack.

Kuo: iPhone 14 models are likely to have upgraded front camera with autofocus

All four iPhone 14 models expected to launch later this year are likely to have an upgraded front-facing camera with autofocus and a wider ƒ / 1.9 aperture, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 14 small function

Kuo said these camera upgrades could result in an enhanced depth of field effect for photos and videos in portrait mode, while autofocus could improve focus during video calls in apps like FaceTime and Zoom.

In other iPhone 14 rumors, we got our first look at the cover manufacturer’s molds for the series, which gave us a better idea in the real world of what the series will look like when it goes over to two Max models and no mini-size model.

Samsung’s new 32-inch ‘M8’ screen vs. Apple Studio screen

Samsung recently introduced the M8, a new 32-inch 4K screen priced at $ 700, making it less than half as expensive as Apple’s Studio Display.

samsung m8 screen

For one of our latest YouTube videos, we decided to compare the M8 with Apple’s Studio Display to see how it works and whether you can save some money by opting for a cheaper option.

Apple Seeds Second Beta of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5

Apple this week sowed the second beta version of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 for developers and public beta testers. So far, these updates have only minor changes, such as tweaks to Apple Pay Cash.

iOS 15

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 are likely to be the last notable updates before iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are announced. Apple also sowed the second beta version of macOS Monterey 12.4, watchOS 8.6 and tvOS 15.5.

The MacRumors Show: Jon Rettinger Talks WWDC 2022 Expectations, iOS 16 wish list and more

Jon Rettinger, a YouTuber and founder of a technical site TechnoBuffalojoined us MacRumors Show podcast this week to take a deep dive into WWDC expectations and what we’d like to see from Apple’s upcoming software updates.

MacRumors shows jon Corrections 1

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Netflix is ​​losing subscribers for the first time in 10 years, blaming account sharing

Netflix announced this week that it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, marking the streaming service’s first quarter-over-quarter decline in subscribers in a decade.


In a letter to shareholders, Netflix said its revenue growth has “slowed significantly”, with the company owing “a large number of households sharing accounts” and “competition” as reasons for the dropout.

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