Ubisoft announces Project Q, a non-Battle Royale ‘Team Battle Arena’ game – IGN

Update (23/4/22) – Ubisoft has also confirmed this it has no plans to add NFTs to Project Q.

Following various leaks, Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q, a “team-fighting arena that lets players truly own the experience”, which is not a Battle Royale.

Ubisoft announced the news d Twitter, says “the game is in early development and we will keep testing, so so far all you can do is sign up for upcoming tests.” In addition to sharing the first concept art for the game, Ubisoft added that it is not a Battle Royale and will instead “offer a variety of PvP modes with one goal in mind: FUN!”

The picture shows four characters in what may very well be Central Park in New York City. Although it’s just concept art, it seems to provide hints about some of their abilities. The character on the left uses a kind of handheld rocket and has what appears to be dynamite on it.

Another character has a flash in the hair and yellow attire, which teases that they may have lightning properties or can be very fast. There is also an older character holding a shovel that appears to have the ability to fly or glide. Finally, a character with glasses stands on the bridge and takes it all in.

As reported by VGC, the leaked gameplay of Project Q had started leaking online after Ubisoft invited players to test this new game. It’s similar to Fortnite, but as Ubisoft says, it’s not a Battle Royale.