Ubisoft Holland says Ubisoft Plus will be coming to Xbox Game Pass “soon”

During the promotion of the Ubisoft Plus subscription, which offers more than 100 games, the publisher said that the service will ‘soon’ come to Game Pass.

This was posted by Ubisoft Holland in response to a fan comment asking them to bring this to the Xbox Game Pass subscription. They simply responded and said “soon”, indicating that they plan to drop the Game Pass subscription.

ubisoft plus

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently offers an EA Play subscription in addition to Game Pass for PC, Xbox One and xCloud. If Ubisoft Plus goes for Game Pass Ultimate, it will further increase its popularity and add value to its subscription. It costs $ 14.99 a month to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate or about $ 180 a year.

Ubisoft Plus is currently available for PC and has more than 100 games offered with its subscription. Ubisoft also plans to bring this service to consoles starting with the Xbox. It might be possible for Ubisoft Plus to be offered as part of a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The current pricing model for Ubisoft Plus costs € 14.99 per month and is not only limited to games, but also includes the season ticket and content that can be downloaded for any of the Ubisoft games available on this service. The premium editions of these games are also offered to all subscribers at launch.