VALORANT Episode 4, Act 3 kampppas includes 3 new skin lines and dozens of other cosmetic items

VALORANT‘s Episode Four, Act Three introduces the new agent Fade along with a new kampas filled with unique weapon skins, friends, player cards and more.

Episode four, Act Three Battlepass includes several new Gun Buddies, over 10 new player cards, 16 new sprays and three new weapon skin lines. Players can unlock some of the items for free, but most of the goodies are part of the premium pass.

The new .SYS skin line includes new cosmetic options for Bucky, Sheriff, Stinger, Vandal and a new Melee ax. This skin set has a red-and-black color scheme with red accents flowing through each weapon.

Players can also expect new Coalition Cobra skins for Frenzy, Judge, Marshal and Odin. These skins have a scaly design with a snake around each weapon. The Coalition Cobra skins come in four different color variants, allowing players to choose which style best suits their aesthetics.

The latest new skin line is the Hue Shift skins for Bulldog, Phantom, Shorty and Specter. This skinline is for “players who can not choose between having a pink or blue weapon equipped,” according to VALORANT producer Laura Baltzer.

The new player cards include fun options like the When Bunnies Attack card, which shows dozens of rabbits pushing with knives. The spray and gun friends also add fun ways to customize your loadout, like the Ragna Rock Out buddy who has a small drum kit.

Episode Four, Act Three Battle Pass will be released on April 27. Players can purchase Battle Pass for 1,000 VP ($ 9.99).

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