Vampire Survivors Update 0.5.1 takes us to The Bone Zone

The viral hit Vampire Survivors has hit Update 0.5.1, which was released today, and adds a new, rather tough challenge phase to the very delightful game. As usual, I do not know what the heck is going on in the new update for Vampire Survivors, all I know is that I have to play it: just like the creator of Vampire Survivors by the way.

In addition to the new scene that I have to emphasize, called The Bone Zone, we’ve got a new character, weapons, and two new arcana. There’s like … a dog? It blooms flowers? Last time there were cats and I have been told that the cats do not like the new dog. The time before that, or maybe before that, there were milk elements, and somewhere in here we got a bear throwing grenades. The only thing I’m trying to say here, folks, is that Vampire Survivors is having a great time.