Video: MVG investigates Switch Online GBA emulator leak

Earlier this week, a new Nintendo leak reportedly surfaced online – suggesting that a Game Boy Advance emulator was working for the Switch Online service.

If you’re still not completely convinced, Modern Vintage Gamer has now taken a look at his latest YouTube video. In short, he is also convinced that the GBA emulator, codenamed “Sloop”, was also developed by Nintendo, or at least NERD (aka Nintendo’s European Research and Development Team).

“In conclusion, yes – I really think Sloop was developed by Nintendo … and it’s incredibly embarrassing for Nintendo that this leak has come out.”

Of course, while this may appear to be a legit Nintendo leak, keep in mind that there are no guarantees that Nintendo will actually release this publicity or the games it has allegedly tested for the same emulator.

What do you think about this leak? Do you think you will get a Game Boy ad for Switch Online in the near future? Leave your thoughts below.