Video: Sakurai no longer makes Kirby games, you know

Here at Nintendo Life, we know our audience is a smart bunch of cookies, so we know you’re all sure that Masahiro Sakurai – most recently known for his work on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – has not worked on a Kirby game in quite some time. Nintendo does not have it either!

This does not mean, however, that people in the wider circle of the Internet do not occasionally need a bit of history lesson; It seems that quite a few people have credited both Sakurai and Nintendo for people like Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Well, our extraordinary video Felix has put together a wonderful piece that explains the story behind Kirby, its creator Sakurai and the studio HAL Laboratory.

Be sure to check it out and let us know if you thought Sakurai was behind some of the newer Kirby games – be honest now!