Warner Bros. can reportedly sell game studios; Xbox, EA and Sony are interested

Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly plans to sell some of its game studios and IPs to major players in the industry. This is not the first time this rumor has surfaced. In the summer of 2020, there was rumor that Warner Bros. considered selling some of its game divisions. At the time, it was rumored that Xbox was interested in making a deal with Warner Bros. Of course, nothing came of it, but it’s not particularly surprising that Microsoft was willing to reach into its deep pockets to acquire some of WB’s property. It sounds like this could potentially become a reality now.

According to Fanbytes Imran Khan, Warner Bros. Discovery may be “shopping” their game studios and licensed IP (ie Batman, Superman, Harry Potter) around the industry. Khan noted that big industry names like Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, Take-Two and more are all interested in acquiring these teams. It is unclear whether Warner Bros. would keep any IP or hold for themselves or would sell everything in bulk. It is also equally unclear whether it would be willing to split IP and studies for different buyers. Either way, Khan said he does not have enough information to confidentially write an official report, so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Da Warner Bros. The Discovery deal merger was completed earlier this month, a report came out talking about the potential plans for the company’s future. In that report, it was noted that Warner Bros. Discovery wanted to “strengthen” its gaming division, which suggested it would invest more in games based on features like DC. No new AAA games have been announced since the merger was completed, so we have no concrete insight into the company at this time. It is possible that Warner Bros. Discovery saw interest in other companies taking over their brands in 2020 and felt it could be a valuable move, but there is nothing to say right now.

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