Warning: Do not miss Destiny 2’s Xur, which sells an exotic weapon from God Roll this week

Xur has been targeted by Bungie, and now he sells exotic and legendary armor that actually has non-garbage stats again. But that’s not why you should log in and buy something from him this weekend. He rather sells an exotic weapon you have to buy.

No, not Queenbreaker, which is the main weapon on side one, but Xur has sold random rolls of both Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale, now that both can no longer be grown from their vaulted year 4 missions. Today is Dead Man’s Tale, you should take a look at page 2, as it’s probably the best roll he’s sold so far, depending on who you ask. Xur is in Tower HangarMoreover.

The roll is:

  • Ribbed barrel – Handling +++, Stability +
  • Ricochet Rounds – Stability ++, Range +
  • Composite material – Stability +, Handling +
  • Vorpal Weapons – Better damage to bosses and guardians in their supers

This roller with all its stability and handling improvements just makes it feel much better to use. I’ve heard some people say that a Vorpal roll he sold a while ago with Extended Barrel, Steady Rounds and Fitted Stock was better, but it comes down to preference and I’m not sure the range is worth it for one scout rather than others. options. I really think you will like the handling and stability focused roller.

The catch here is that Xur’s randomly rolled exotic stuff costs extra compared to his normal. You will need both an Ascendant Shard, the endgame masterwork currency, and an Exotic Cipher that you may already have lying around, but if not, you will need to do a playlist activity mission from Xur yourself to get one. Plus 125,000 Mica and 200 legendary shards. Yes, it’s not cheap. But keep in mind that you’re getting yourself a good role that you may not have found before after a hundred Presage races.

I already have one with Vorpal, Composite and Ricochet, but mine has corkscrew instead of rifle. For me, it’s probably not worth spending all that on just to get the rifle, but I mean, I’m considering it.

While on Xur, is there anything else worth picking up? 26 intellect, 64 static legendary arms on my Titan, but other than that, I do not see anything really jumping out of me this week. I saw another 48 state armor slide in there, so I’m not sure Xur is completely fixed yet. In any case, try to grab the dead man’s tale if you can afford it.

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