Watch Elden Ring bosses fight against each other for a change

Elden Ring bosses are scary. I say this as a person whose wooden guard has been chewed out dozens of times and who had to run rune farm with as many as 10 extra levels to be able to meet Margit the Fell Omen. (And these are just the early game enemies.) But how can these enemies face each other? If you’ve been curious about this – or if you just want the experience, the sweet, sweet justice of watching them fight against each other for a change – you’re in luck. YouTuber and modder Garden of Eyes made a series of videos that showcased Elden Ring bosses fighting against each other, in a series titled “Boss VS Boss.”

These matchups later pose game bosses against each other and the results are entertaining and justifying. There’s something rewarding about watching other powerful entities fumble with some of these boss attacks – and if it’s bosses you’ve managed to kill, dear Tarnished, put that into perspective, how scary you must be.

[Ed. note: Spoilers ahead for a number of Elden Ring’s major bosses.]

Each of the videos follows a similar cadence with an introductory card noting how much HP each boss has. Then they turn it into a series of three to four battles – a nice touch that shows how evenly matched some of these enemies are, despite wild HP differences between some of them.

There’s the much sought after Malenia vs Maliketh matchup that pits these two Shardbearers apart.

Here is a matchup with a royal inflection: Morgott, Omen King and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.

There are many more matchups, like Godfrey fighting Radagon and Malenia fighting Starscourge Radahn. Garden of Eyes has made similar boss fight videos for Bloodborne And the work required to modify these games sounds laborious. “Creating these videos requires modding and digging into the PS4 files, which involves deep understanding and working with the various formats and tools used to properly make these boss fights work,” reads Garden of Eyes’ Patreon.

Fortunately, this work pays off in a series of videos that are just as fun and scary to watch.