Watch Series 8 may get new health features, but Apple employees are not thrilled

Watch Series 8 may get new health features, but Apple employees are not thrilled

That The Watch Series 7 was an insignificant upgrade over the predecessor, but the next model, the The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to bring a lot more to the table. Bloombergs Mark Gurman talks about what to expect from the new model in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter.

The Watch Series 8 could offer an enhanced version of the atrial fibrillation detection feature, which will be able to calculate how often someone is in a state of atrial fibrillation over a period of time. The feature, called afib burden detection, may appear in the next version of Apple’s smartwatch operating system watchOS 9, which will be introduced in June during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

watchOS 9 is also likely to include a new low-power mode that would let some apps and features operate at low power consumption, thereby conserving battery life. Right now, the watch only shows the time in low power mode.

There is also the satellite connectivity feature, which will also reportedly be included in the iPhone 14 series. Satellite features will let Apple’s new devices send short messages and SOS alerts over satellite networks to first aiders in situations where there is no mobile coverage.

The Watch 8 probably also has a body temperature sensor, but it will initially only help with fertility planning, and a later version can help you determine if you have a higher than normal body temperature, but it may not show an actual measurement.

The watch can also be supplied with new dials and several training types as well as additional running-related measurements.

Apple accounted for 30 percent of all smartwatch sales in 2021, despite the fact that the Watch 7 was not such a big upgrade, so it is safe to assume that the new features – and possibly. easily updated design – could make the Watch Series 8 for it best smartwatch in 2022.

Watch Series 8 hardly offers blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring

Monumental features could still take several years. Mark says blood pressure function may come in 2024 or 2025, and non-invasive blood glucose monitoring is not expected until later this decade. Although some rivals like Samsung have watches in their range that offer blood pressure monitoring, they need to be calibrated with traditional blood pressure cuffs every month.

Apple is currently said to be testing its technology on employees, and its function will apparently not tell you systolic and diastolic readings, but will instead warn you if it suspects you may have hypertension. Apple employees are apparently not enthusiastic about the pace of innovation, and the company has lost a lot of key members in recent times.

The Watch 8 is likely to be accompanied by a budget SE model and a premium rugged model, which will be targeted at athletes.