What is your favorite game in the Mana series?

The last few years have been friendly to fans of the classic Mana game! Since the mobile release Echoes of Mana is on its way soon, we look back at the franchise and celebrate our favorite Mana series games.

I did not have much experience with Mana series before 2019, where I tried the SNES era games to see what I had missed in my Final Fantasy fanboy period. I have to admit that the game that tops my shortlist is still 2020 Mana’s trials re-recording. The update to 3D served well by putting the characters at the center, while the fight with its adjustable AI and responsive feel brought it more in line with the genre’s action-RPG presentation. It can be less transformative than e.g. Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it’s a new take on an old classic that feels like it respects its original! – Josh

the legend of mana remaster

The legend of Mana is my absolute favorite Mana series of games. Why? It’s so weird! The way its story progresses is unconventional. You have to explore. You must pay attention. You get out of it what you put into it. The way everything is connected fascinates me. – Jenni

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