WhatsApp adds the ability to hide your ‘Last Seen’ status from specific contacts | Engadget

This week, WhatsApp started rolling out. And it looks like the company may soon implement another delayed feature. With the latest beta release of its iOS app, WhatsApp has added an option that allows users to restrict specific individuals from viewing their “Last Scene” status, according to.

If you are not familiar with that part of WhatsApp, it’s the feature that indicates when someone last checked the app, and it’s a way to find out if a contact has potentially seen your message, even if they have disabled read receipts. For a while now, WhatsApp has allowed you to restrict who sees your status to only your contacts. You can also disable the feature completely, but you have not been able to prevent certain people from viewing this information.

However, WhatsApp iOS beta version adds a new “My Contacts except …” option under the Last Viewed section of the app’s privacy settings. According to WABetaInfo, adding a person to this list will also prevent you from seeing their status. The store says WhatsApp also implements more detailed privacy controls for both profile pictures and about sections. With the feature now in beta testing on both Android and iOS, it will probably not be long before it is officially available in WhatsApp.

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