WhatsApp may soon let you dictate messages through a pair of smart glasses

A niche feature for Ray-Ban Stories owners

Have you ever wanted to talk to a pair of smart glasses to send a WhatsApp message without even touching your phone? That feature may soon become a reality, according to a new APK demolition of WhatsApp for the Android app. It appears to be a specific feature of Facebook Assistant, and it will be locked to Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

Spot in the latest WhatsApp beta (via XDA Developers) users have found rows of data suggesting a feature to dictate messages through Facebook Assistant on the specific portable line. The data just says Assistant, but that probably means Facebook Assistant rather than Google’s service of the same name.

It is believed that this upcoming feature would allow Ray-Ban Stories owners to dictate messages into the microphone on the smart glasses. It would allow you to instruct Facebook Assistant to send messages to a friend on WhatsApp so you can do this while walking down the street without even touching your phone. In addition to the code strings, the demolition has also found graphics that include the smart glasses and the WhatsApp logo.

This is a very specific use case as Ray-Ban Stories has not revolutionized the market for wearables. However, it makes sense that Meta wants to keep some of its WhatsApp features internally and will use Facebook Assistant to integrate rather than third-party services. As always, APK demolition is not guaranteed to be accurate. This feature has been discovered in the latest beta, but there is no guarantee that it will ever find its way to WhatsApp in a future release.

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