When a $ 11,500 piece of Final Fantasy VI merchandise is unveiled, FF creator Sakaguchi asks “Square Enix, are you okay?”

Square Enix has revealed the latest in its ‘Masterline’ series of figures – a statue of Terra from Final Fantasy VI rides on top of some Magitek Armor. It is beautiful. The catch? It’s also the best part of $ 12,000.

The Square Enix Masterline figures and statues have always bumped into four-digit price ranges, but this is the first time such a statue has exceeded 5 figures in price. As revealed by Square Enix on twitterit will sell for 1,485,000 Yen in Japan, and although we have not confirmed prices for the West yet, this price translates to just over $ 11,500 USD.

However, the figure is undoubtedly beautiful. Handmade, only 600 units will be produced worldwide. Japan gets 150 units; the rest will apparently be distributed depending on how many orders are placed. Once 600 orders have been placed, orders close and that will be it. It is very much a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The video announcing the statue, embedded above, shows legendary FF artist Yoshitaka Amano next to the huge 1/6 scale statue, marveling at a piece of his visual design brought to the real world in a way never seen before.

If you have deep pockets, this might be the ultimate piece of Final Fantasy VI memorabilia. However, you will need very, very deep pockets. The statue will be released next July.

One person who was confused about the award was Final Fantasy creator and FF6 producer Hironobu Sakaguchi. On twitter, Sakaguchi-quote-tweet the official Square Enix announcement about the statue’s price and release date.

In the tweet, Sakaguchi noted that the statue is more expensive than the dioramas his studio used to create the world of their latest game, the RPG Site award-winning retro RPG throwback Fantasian – who also happened to be heavily inspired by Sakaguchi’s memories. to work on FF6. He also suggests that Square Enix might go too far, with a laugh.

He rounds off the tweet with a perfectly reasonable response to a five-digit piece of video game march: “Square Enix, are you okay?”

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