Who makes the next hit phone?

We’ve had lots of great Android phones over the last few years, but I feel like it’s been a while since we had a real hit unit. You know, something everyone wanted, even if it meant straying from their favorite OEM for a year. In my mind, phones like OnePlus One, Moto X, Galaxy Nexus, Motorola DROID and Galaxy Note 2 are a few of what I consider to be hit phones. These phones have the power to change the landscape, which feels like something we haven’t seen in a while.

What it said, who do you hope makes the next hit Android phone? I’m aware that this question can be difficult as it may require some people to look past their own prejudices, but try to think objectively about this.

Personally, if the stars were in line, my hope would be that Sony makes the next Android device that everyone wants. They have a great history with hardware, so now we only need a little love for the US market. It’s like they’ve got all the pieces but are afraid to really give it a shot. Maybe a PlayStation-branded Xperia device focused on gaming, paired with exclusive access to some sort of streaming gaming service? It could be amazing.

I also hope that Nothing has a very successful launch with Phone 1, and the same goes for OSOM. There are these smaller players who may end up surprising us with fresh ideas. Who would not love it? And as we talk about it, it’s my belief that the Pixel 6 had a chance of great success, but Google’s own software fumble did not allow it. The company put a great marketing campaign in that phone, only for mistakes and other problems that damage its reputation. The one who hurts.

So let’s hear your point. Remember, try to be objective and thoughtful, but in the end, there are no wrong answers here.