Witcher 3 Next-Gen ‘Not In Development Hell’, CD Project Promises – IGN

The next-generation update for Witcher 3 was recently pushed to 2023, but CD Project Red wants fans to know it’s not in “development hell”. During the developer’s recent financial earnings call, a CD Project Red representative answered questions about the postponement of PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series version.

“When it comes to the next generation launch of Witcher 3, there is one comment I would like to make. I have been looking at headlines around the internet, and one drew my attention:” Witcher 3 next generation is delayed indefinitely. “”[This] It sounds like the game is in a development hell. I would like to say that this is not a fact. There have been many insinuations that we will launch June next year. That is completely not the case, “said the representative.

He added: “The game will be finished internally. No one is saying the game is delayed in some monumental kind of time gap ahead of us.”

While CD Project Red did not use the term “delayed” precisely, it said in a tweet yesterday that it needs to “postpone the Q2 release until further notice.”

The next-generation version was previously developed externally by the Russian studio Saber Interactive, but CD Project Red said it has “decided to let our internal development team do the rest of the work.” There was no mention of whether the project was affected by ongoing sanctions against Russia, which has effectively halted trade in the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The upgrade, which will be free for the 40 million people who purchased the original version of the game, was originally expected to be launched late last year, but was delayed until the second quarter of 2022 after a supervisor decided that it needed more development time.

The same was said for Cyberpunk 2077, and its next-generation version was delayed for Q1, but CD Project Red managed to reach that goal when it launched the upgrade game in February.

In our review of 9/10, IGN said, “Massive in size and meticulously detailed, The Witcher 3 concludes Geralt’s story on a high note,” and it also won our Game of the Year.