Wolfey, Cybertron and Aaron Traylor launch Pokémon VGCguide to help develop competition scene

One of the main problems players encounter when trying to get more involved in the official competition scene for Pokémon Video games are a lack of in-depth and coherent resources available to help them get started. That’s not the case anymore: several of the biggest names in Pokémon The Video Game Championship (VGC) launched a new database today to help new players get started.

Guided by VGC veterans like Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick, Aaron “Cybertron” Zheng and Aaron “Unreality” Traylor, VGCguide will serve as a hub where players can go and learn more about competition. Pokémon– regardless of their level of experience.

“Competitive Pokemon is such a beautiful game and I want people to experience it if they are interested, ”Wolfey said on Twitter. “I hope that with this resource, anyone anywhere should have all the tools they need to improve on Pokemon, regardless of their previous experience.”

The VGCguide team wants to give new players the opportunity to learn about VGC basics and advice on common topics such as team building and resource management. It will also be a hub where skilled players can share their accumulated knowledge or come to try to get a new perspective.

This project has been running since October 2020, as noted by VGCguide Developer Marissa “NYXIIE” L, with a specific focus on creating a general resource that players can use at any time. This also means that the content has been created through the lens of being “timeless” in a way.

“Our goal is for this content to be useful and relevant for years, so we’re trying to make it as context-free as we can,” the VGCguide description reads. “Some of the examples of concepts we cite may be from years of meta-games that we have done our best to make as clear as possible. By doing this, we hope our principles can guide players as they find out. of the current moment on their own terms – that this guide can be like a team building partner or match coach who is frozen in time. ”

With this approach, VGCguide will not be used as a platform to talk about metagame-relevant topics, tournament results or views based on the current competitive situation Pokémon.

At launch, VGCguide is probably already the biggest resource for the official competition Pokémon format, with detailed articles on the specifics of combat, team building and even guides to explain the current Play! Pokémon orbit. There is also an in-depth introduction for potential VGC players coming from a casual background or other areas of Pokémon communities like shining hunting or single fights.

You can see all these detailed articles and other resources on the official VGCguide website and you can expect more content from the team behind it to be announced in the future.