World of Warcraft: Dragonflight solves a specific grind problem

Player World of Warcraft gives a player lots of choices and quests, which in theory is great. But over the game’s many expansions, the formula sometimes fails to work. Some people like to focus entirely on developing their lead role, by keeping a character of their choice updated with all the current content. Other people prefer to keep a whole barn of characters they can play. These players are likely to be happy with the approach Blizzard is taking in the next expansion, Dragon flight. Almost all progress on Dragon Isles will be account-covering, according to game director Ion Hazzikostas.

Hazzikostas and the main story Steve Danuser responded fan questions about the upcoming expansion in a Twitter space this Wednesday. One of the earliest responses had to do with account-wide advances for systems such as reputation, factions, and the upcoming kite riding. Hazzikostas said that “almost everything” would include all the alts a player has on their account, with the exception of individual quest rewards and other things that represent a character’s personal journey. In addition, a few features will skip from Shadowlands. For example, once a character has completed the Dragon Isles’ narrative story, alts will choose whether to play through the same linear campaign or jump directly to playoff activities to gain experience.

This is exciting news for those with a lot of alts because it means you have to skip a lot of the laughs that plagued Shadowlands expansion early. Players complained about having to paint their Renown, Conduits and Covenant campaigns to get all the new treats. This system would allow players to give up a character and try something new. Players can switch to try Dractyr Evoker later in the expansion without penalty, or give a new class a spin on a whim.

Dragon flight currently has no release date.