You may not be able to record phone calls on Android smartphones from May 11: Here’s why

Google imposes additional restrictions on third-party apps for recording calls on Android smartphones. From May 11 onwards, app developers will not be able to offer the call recording feature through third-party apps. This means that if you use a smartphone without a built-in call recorder, it will not let you record calls from May 11, which is just a few weeks away.

Google has not officially talked about this development, but it is believed that developers are already aware of the changes that are being made behind the scenes.

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Google removes access to its Accessibility API for recording purposes, which means all third-party apps lose their core functionality.

To be fair, Google has been interfering with call recording for a few years now. It started with the Android 10 version when Google said that the call recording feature will not be available to users as part of its privacy and security strategy.

Since then, Google has allowed backdoor access for such apps via the Accessibility API, which will not be available from May 11 onwards. Google has sought to eliminate legal issues it may face by offering call recording in countries where such practices are considered illegal.

So what happens to those who want to record calls for various reasons? Google says that any call recorder app preloaded by the manufacturer on the smartphone will be able to work smoothly and need special permission to work.

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In addition, you have a few brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and Oppo, which offer their built-in call recorder feature, which will continue to work even after May 11th. As for third-party apps installed later, from 6 p.m. next month, these apps would lose access to permissions and thus completely stop working.

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It is possible that Google may notify these app developers of the changes and ask them to remove their respective apps before the deadline expires.

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