Youth sports app TeamSnap launches system for clubs, leagues – TechCrunch

TeamSnap, a web service for managing recreational and competitive sports teams and groups, announced the launch of its all-in-one multi-program management system for youth sports organizations. With the new system, clubs and leagues will be able to register players as well as take advantage of new planning and team management tools. The launch is set to go live on Tuesday, April 26, and the offer will include the TeamSnap mobile app.

Peter Frintzilas, CEO of TeamSnap, said: “With this rollout, our platform, which connects more than 25 million young sports users and over 19,000 organizations, can now seamlessly, securely and efficiently meet every need for corporate governance in a sports organization, while strengthening them. spend more time doing what they love – and that’s focusing on playing time. ”

TeamSnap was founded in 2009 and has come a long way over the last decade or so, now with more than 4 million monthly active users and approaching 2 million daily active users. The app also caters to customers in 135 countries, with teams representing over 100 different sports, according to the company’s announcement.

Frintzilas spoke with TechCrunch about the new release as well as the benefits of a team sports app and the company’s overall goals.

“We provide easy-to-use tools for communication planning, payment collection, registration. [Youth sports] is a complicated and disorganized industry. And our goal is really to help organize some of that chaos, “he said,” by offering a management platform that brings together leagues, coaches, parents, players, fans in one place and builds that community. “

TeamSnap has a convenient mobile experience for consumers, whether it’s independent coaches, parents, families or even fans. Parents of multiple children can probably count how many times they have gone to the wrong field, had the game wrong, or forgotten it was their turn to bring orange slices and water bottles. While these may seem like small problems, it is important for a child to avoid the disappointment of missing a game.

Similarly, TeamSnap aims to bring a valuable user experience to clubs and organizers.

“Ultimately, our club elite clients are really small businesses, and so it’s crucial to success to get them insight into their finances for cash flow reports across all of their programs. This new club and league release includes a whole new kind of in-depth financial reporting, tracking that enables them to somehow manage the economy overall, ”said the CEO.

TeamSnap for clubs and leagues integrates the online registration process with shift management, payment, scheduling, event editing tools and more. The offer also allows clubs and leagues to simply start a new season or a new club offer without starting over when the year is over.

Quick multi-player registration is a big plus as TeamSnap eliminates the need to re-enter the same information over and over again. It even helps keep track of players who are family members.

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“With our new system, we’re really focused on allowing these organizers to support these types of setups, giving their coordinators the right level of access to tools and most importantly data, all in one place,” Frintzilas added.

One customer, particularly the North Bay Minor Hockey Association, experienced tremendous support through an anonymous technology provider. “Communication was poor, support was poor, and this was the last straw,” said Matt Duquette, the club’s secretary and treasurer, in a statement to TeamSnap. He added: “Before, we had posted registrations and trials on our website and hoped people would look. We would email coaches and ask them to email the team. We would post on Facebook. It was a shot in the dark, in the hope that we would reach everyone. “

Just by doing a brief search, there are a good amount of apps that offer communication and scheduling tools for coaches, such as Sports Illustrated Play, LeagueApps (which has just raised $ 15 million), Teams and StackSports, among others. Although there could be sports teams organizing themselves through a Facebook group or perhaps soon, via the new WhatsApp Communities feature, these are used for communication purposes only.

“Unfortunately, in the industry and sports technology as a whole, we have seen providers cut back on live support for organizations and coaches, and we have done the opposite and moved far beyond the industry standard Monday to Friday support and deploying full 12-hour support across “Of all time zones, seven days a week. Our responsive live chat represents over 50% of our interactions,” said Frintzilas.

He also told TechCrunch that the company seeks to bring video into the user experience, whether it is through live streaming of games or the ability to create highlights. User experience is crucial to an app’s success, and as TeamSnap evolves, the value will hopefully continue to increase for customers.

It is also important to take as a starting point the pandemic and how youth sports teams have declined over the last two years. COVID-19 closed a lot of games and delayed seasons. TeamSnap conducted a research study with The Aspen Institute and Utah State University to look at how the loss of sports affected athletes and families.

More than half of the parents surveyed reported that their children’s mental health (52%) and physical condition (53%) declined during the pandemic. With TeamSnap’s new health check function and overall advocacy to improve youth sports, this will hopefully improve over time.