10 super-underrated phone features in 2022: Choosing a new iPhone or Android for the right reasons

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The most underrated phone features in 2022: What to look for when buying a new iPhone or Android

Software support and optimization

While it may seem like having a powerful processor with 12GB of RAM is enough for great performance, the truth is that hardware can only go so far. It’s no coincidence that big players like it Apple and Samsung pays special attention to software updates that help keep phones fresh, fast and fair … usable over time. At this point, I simply would not consider or even recommend a phone that comes with less than 3 years of software support. It’s 2022 and people are keeping their phones for longer, which means software support is more important than ever.

As it stands, Apple is leading with 5-6 years of software updates for new iPhones, and Samsung is close to number two with 4 years of updates to the Galaxy S, Z and some A-series of phones. OnePlus and Xiaomi offer 3 years of software support, which is good, but certainly not ideal.

The big disappointment here comes with Google. Android’s father / mother is content with only 3 years of software updates for the Pixel 6 series, such as OnePlus and Xiaomi. This is strange since Google is making Android. Although I personally expect Sundar Pichai & Co to expand the software support for Pixel 6 once Pixel 7 is released to match Samsung’s 4 year updates, there is no guarantee that this will happen. But it certainly should …

Even budget and mid-range phones like Galaxy A33 (3 years) and Galaxy A53 (4 years) now comes with the promise of extended software support, so there is no excuse for Google. There is also no excuse for not choosing a device that lasts and stays fresh for as long as possible – they are affordable now!

Heat management and RAM control for better sustained performance

Again … While it’s great to have a powerful Qualcomm or Apple chip, processors generate heat. And if the heat is not handled accordingly, it can result in throttling performance where your phone does not get the most out of the horsepower on board.

Apple stands out when it comes to heat management, while some Qualcomm chips are prone to overheating, which is probably why some manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi have decided to “take matters into their own hands”, and lower certain apps and features before their flagship phones start to overheat.

On the subject of RAM, while more is more and more is better, does not mean that all that memory is being used properly. iPhone and iOS tend to get the most out of the available RAM on board.

For example, I did a RAM test with my iPhone 8 (2GB RAM) and two Android phones with 12GB RAM, and even though I keep the whole story for another day, let’s just say that the iPhone’s performance surprised me. Which … it really surprised me!If you choose between two Android devices, keep in mind that we’ve seen phones with 8GB of RAM outperform devices with 10 and 12GB, so read some reviews before assuming that more will be better.

Camera sensor size and style of photo / video finishing

While you may think that a higher megapixel camera will definitely take better pictures than a lower megapixel, or that it is always better to have multiple cameras on board, this is simply not how phone cameras work.

So if you are in the market for a new phone, be sure to check the sensor size of the device you are watching. You can check camera sensor sizes on Phone Arena’s tool for comparing specifications. Larger camera sensors help get more natural bokeh in your photos as well as more light in challenging lighting conditions, making photos and videos generally better.

Another thing that should not be underestimated is that most camera differences between phones today come in the form of finishing. This means that although Galaxy S22, iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 comes with identical camera sensors and takes great pictures, their sharpness, detail and color adjustment is what can set them apart and therefore make one better than the rest.

As it stands, Samsung likes to overwrite its images, which I do not like, but some of you might. For example, Apple’s iPhone usually takes more realistic night pictures than any other phone, but they are not necessarily impressive. Then the Pixel 6 has a good balance between the two, but it has a weaker ultra-wide-angle camera.

So be sure to keep an eye on our camera comparisons so you are up to date with the best shooters in the industry at all times.

Haptic feedback / vibration motor

A massively underrated feature that iPhone users take for granted and probably do not appreciate enough because they have never used a budget Android device.

Haptic feedback is the vibrations you feel when you interact with your phone. For example, typing, scrolling through menus or just getting messages when vibration is activated are all tied to haptics.

iPhones have ruled in that regard forever now, but recently some Android flagship phones like Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and The Xiaomi 12 Pro has made significant progress, which is great to see. Some mid-range Xiaomi devices are also known to have good vibration motors.

Haptic feedback is simply another layer of interaction with your device that you will only appreciate once you have tried a phone with an excellent vibration motor. Just go into the store and test them all to find out which one feels best.

Fast charging (but not like Samsung’s)

Another very underrated feature of modern smartphones is true fast charging.

If the only phone you’ve ever owned is an iPhone, a Galaxy or even a Pixel, you do not know what you’re missing out on with devices from OnePlus and Xiaomi. And, yes … I know Samsung is now offering “45W” charging with its Galaxy S22 phones, but as it turns out, charging speeds are severely limited and the company’s 45W charger does not actually charge your phone faster to 100% , compared to a 25W charger.

Either way, being able to charge your device up to 20 minutes in the morning and use it all day can be a true game-changer. Not to mention some phones like Xiaomi 11T Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro +, which only takes 25 and 15 minutes for a full charge – yes, from 0 to 100%!

So believe me – if you choose between two equally good devices, but one comes with noticeably faster charging, then do yourself a favor and choose the one with faster charging. Especially if you are always on the go and always forget to charge your phone or you are just a very heavy user who never ends the day on a single charge. It can change your life.

Better power management for better battery life

Sure, having a huge 5,000 mAh battery helps some phones last longer, unless. Well, unless this phone is a Google Pixel 6 Pro … If my Pixel has taught me one thing, it’s that power management and optimization are far more important than having a high capacity cell in your device.

Our tests have shown that the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which also comes with a 5,000 mAh battery, manages to have noticeably better endurance than the Pixel 6 Pro – around 20-25%.

And I know I sound like a ruined record to those who often come to PhoneArena but Apple The iPhone 13 Pro Max manages to dominate both of the above Android flagships with a noticeably smaller battery, cementing the theory that software optimization is key. Apple’s iOS scores a big win in this category for now.

Step up, Android!

Phone weight (and size)

First, the weight perception of the phone will be subjective because it largely depends on the weight of the device you have used until the time you download a new device.

But nonetheless, it feels like holding a Galaxy S22 (167g). properly refreshing if you come from one Galaxy S21 Ultra (227g), iPhone 13 Pro Max (240g), or, God forbid, one Galaxy Z Fold 3 (271g).

I know that a difference of 60-80 grams may not be felt by much on paper, and that is true if we are talking about a laptop or even a large tablet. But with phones, every gram means something. OK, not literally, but you get the point …

Especially when the difference is as massive as 60-100 grams, you may find that the lighter device is not only a pleasure to use, but it can also help relieve any wrist pain you may have felt as a result of holding a big, heavy phone all day.

On the contrary, if / when you take a heavy phone after a month of using a lightweight device, you would never be able to figure out how people use “these bricks”.

Sound / speaker quality

My colleagues here at PhoneArena have written many stories about why speaker quality on phones matters. Unless it’s not for you, of course – if you have earphones on all the time.

A pair of good stereo speakers not only eliminates the need for an external Bluetooth device when listening to music or podcasts at home. It can also make media consumption so much more fun.

You may not be aware of it because it merges and becomes one with the visual, but sound is a big part of movies and even certain types of YouTube content, and that is certainly the secret behind good production as well. It’s no coincidence that many of the successful YouTube stars out there pay particular attention to sound. There’s no reason why you should not.

Take a look at our choices too phones with the best speakers out there, where Rado will tell you more.

A telecamera for optical zoom and portrait photography

I have already written alove letter to Pixel 6 Pro’s amazing 4x periscope telephoto lens, but let me repeat …

Whether it offers 3x, 4x or 5x zoom, a great telecamera can forever change the way you take pictures with your phone, especially if you are already a phone photography enthusiast.

The tight focal length provides some super-intimate portraits of people and things that look miles better than if taken with a standard wide-angle camera. But a good telephoto lens also completely changes the perspective when cultivating street or animal photography – this is where the pure zoom element comes into the picture.

Aside from the Pixel 6 Pro, which in my opinion comes with the best telecamera on the market, some of the best phones for this purpose are Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro and Max.

In fact, I love my telephoto lens so much that I think it should also be the second camera on budget phones instead of ultra-wide angle sliders that finds a place in pretty much every phone today.

More often than not, you can back up a few steps to get a broader perspective of what you are taking a picture of – especially if you are outside but you can not climb a skyscraper or a tree to get close- up shots of whatever has caught your eye. Unless you’re the Spider-Man or the man who cleans windows in tall buildings. I salute you if you are.

After-sales service

Last but certainly not least, customer service after purchase. I know we tend to think of phones as “what you see is what you get” products, but that’s far from the truth.

Personally, I’m sometimes in situations where I need to call for help, and Apple’s immediate phone / chat support has been a gift – whether I’ve had a question about my iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iCloud. account, they have always been quick to respond.

I’m not saying buy an iPhone, but what I’m saying is – at the very least, make sure the phone manufacturer you choose has active customer support in your area. It’s like having a technically savvy friend who you can always call if you need help.