The best fishing apps on Android in 2022

Summer is almost upon us, with only a few months left, and thanks to the last few years where many were stuffy, it’s highly likely to come out this summer high priority. There are plenty of outdoor activities to explore, though one of the more peaceful ventures is fishing, which is why here at Android Police we have compiled a list of the best fishing apps available in the Google Play Store to prepare everyone for the hot months of this year. Whether you are an experienced angler or fresh on the boat, we have an app for you.

Fish brain

Crowdsourcing is an extremely useful tool for something like reporting great fishing spots, which is why Fishbrain is one of the most popular fishing apps on Android. Not only can you use community reporting to find quality places to fish, but you can also dive deep into what kind of bait works well in these places and at what times of the day. Heck, you can even chat with other anglers to get a few tips, and if you’re short of equipment, there’s a store built in that carries over 350 fish brands (one app should make money somehow, amirite), which you can order directly via the app.

In essence, Fishbrain is a one-stop-shop for all your fishing needs, whether it’s general information, community discussion or equipment purchases. The app is available for free, though you can pick up a few perks if you choose to subscribe to Pro for $ 10 a month.


Fish Angler is a crowdsourced tracking app where users can report their catches while marking them on the map to ensure that other anglers can take advantage of this shared information. Simply open the GPS map and dive into the recorded catches to get an idea of ​​the better places to fish for your next excursion. Fishing forecasts are also part of this info, to get a better reading about the best places and times for fishing, which is handy for planning a weekend trip.

The app acts as a personal log of your best catches and spots, and like apps on social media, you can share your logs with your followers or follow others you admire. The most impressive thing, of course, is that this app is completely free; If you’re looking for something comparable to Fishbrain but do not want to pay for a subscription, Fish Angler will float your boat.


This app is for all you bass fanatics out there. BassForecast, powered by AccuWeather, combines weather and bass data – such as times of fish feed – and suggests the best times to fish. You can easily plan your bass fishing trips to increase your odds of catches and schedule extended trips with the app’s 10-day weather forecast.

Like a weather app, a subscription is required if you want to unlock 10-day forecasts, the cover selector and other premium features. A monthly sub is $ 2.99, and you can grab an annual sub for $ 9.99.

Fish deeper

Now that we’ve covered a few crowdsourced apps and a forecasting app, it’s time to check out one of the better depth chart apps. Not only does Fish Deeper offer detailed weather forecasts, but it also offers over 50,000 global depth maps. The combination of depth maps and weather patterns can help you find the best places to plan fishing trips.

The good thing is that the app is not limited to people with boats. If you use a Deeper castable sonar with the app, you are covered on the shore, on the ice or in the middle of your favorite lake. The Fish Deeper app, combined with sonar, lets you uncover what’s going on in the water. Heck, you can use a cast sonar to build your own depth / fishing chart, which is about as practical as it gets. So whether you just need forecasts and depth charts or are looking to create your own with a third-party molded sonar, Fish Deeper will really get you where you need to go.

Fishing rules

Those of you who are interested in saltwater fishing would like to check out the fishing rules. The app shows each state’s rules and ensures that you stay on the good side of the law by understanding which fish are in season and how many you may keep. Of course, this would not be a fishing app if it did not also offer data on thousands of fishing records so you can perfectly plan your next seaworthy excursion.

The app is free to use, though there is an annual Pro subscription that costs $ 29.99. This sub unlocks many features, such as the ability to save placement spots while removing app ads. You can try the Pro plan for seven days to make sure you enjoy what is available before committing to the full price.

River currents

Sure, lakes and oceans are properly covered with the above apps, but you might be wondering about rivers. Well, RiverFlows is a simple app that reports river and lake levels, which is handy for fishing as well as a variety of other sports. So while this is not a dedicated fishing app in itself, it is a handy tool to have at your disposal if you often wonder what the local levels are around your favorite fishing spots.

The great thing is that this app is open source, and it’s free, using data from the USGS, NOAA and US Army Corps of Engineers. Plus, the app includes a handy widget so you can easily see your local water levels without even diving into the app.


ANGLR is another all-in-one app, like Fishbrain and Fish Angler, and it can hold its own thanks to a wide range of features. The app has recently been overhauled with a new user interface so it is actively developed, which addresses any concerns if money spent will not be worth it. Of course, all the tools you need to plan and explore are included, with tons of maps you can explore with GPS route planning. You can record all your catches while sharing your tips with users, and pretty much every type of fishing is covered, from fly to deep sea.

You can use the app for free, but a monthly or annual subscription is required if you want to unlock the complete feature set, such as 14 premium card layers. Fortunately, the monthly sub costs only $ 2.50 a month, and the annual rate is $ 29.99. More or less you can use the app as much as you want, and if you like what you see or just require a few extra features, then the subscription comes in handy.


To jump back into saltwater fishing, FishTrack offers only the data that a deep-sea fisherman needs. You can see updated ocean currents and ocean forecasts and see your location both online and offline (perfect when you lose your signal). You can save waypoints for easy returns and plan your routes before an excursion to make sure you get where you are going. It is the perfect app to plan any seafaring fishing trip.

Of course, like many of today’s apps, a subscription is available, not that the price is actively announced, and that’s because an annual Pro-sub is $ 95.99. Even the monthly sub is $ 14.99, which is not cheap. Fortunately, you do not need a subscription to use the app, so this is one I would recommend using for free, unless you absolutely need premium card overlays.

And that’s the end of today’s list. Hopefully everyone was able to find a quality fishing app, and since this list will continue to grow as we update it, if there is anything you would like to see on the list, please read the comments below.

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