Android 13 Beta 1: The media player announcement now has a twist

Google has radically redesigned Android’s visual language with Android 12, and it looks like the company is set to refine that look in Android 13. As part of the first beta version for Android 13, Google has updated the media player’s notification with a new crumb look for track scrubbers.

As highlighted by Google itself, the media player announcement in Android 13 now has a unique track scrubber line. Instead of a simple line, the status bar of Android 13 now changes to a squiggle look for any media that has already been played. While Google highlighted the change in a promo image, it’s live in Beta 1 as shown below.

This look was announced when Google first unveiled Material You. The leap we now see in Android 13 is clearly seen, for example, in Material You’s advertising video from this time last year. You can see it around the 0:07 mark.

It’s also noteworthy that this change also comes after Google renewed Android’s media player announcement in Android 13’s latest developer example. This update brought prominent album art back to the message as well as renewed controls.

We’re still digging through the first Android 13 Beta release, so stay tuned for anything new and check us out on Twitter or in the comments below if you’ve discovered something we do not have.

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