Artesian Builds filed for bankruptcy with an estimated $ 1.3 million. USD in unfulfilled orders

Last Friday, closed-end custom PC maker Artesian Builds filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California with more than $ 3 million in liabilities on its balance sheet, including an estimated $ 1.37 million in unfulfilled orders, according to court documents. Its designated restructuring officer is now seeking buyers for the company’s assets, which include an estimated inventory of $ 917,595.

Artesian Builds collapsed dramatically earlier this year, shutting down operations on March 8, releasing about 50 employees in California and North Carolina. Artesian’s insolvency was apparently triggered by a wave of paybacks following a controversial draw livestreamed by company owner and CEO Noah Katz, but two former employees who spoke to PC Gamer on condition of anonymity said it was Katz’s long-term poor management that put business in such an uncertain situation to begin with.