Back-end PlayStation update confirms Godzilla, King Kong event coming to Warzone in May

A new backend update of PlayStation Store has revealed very official looking artwork for an upcoming one Call of Duty: Warzone event with none other than monstrous kaiju Godzilla and King Kong.

The art says “the battle begins May 11” and is titled Operation Monarch, which is the name of the scientific organization from the new Godzilla and King Kong movies.

The art also has Godzilla and King Kong towering over the caldera, where the great lizard shoots its atomic breath towards the island while planes fly around them. The two giants could be put to battle with War zone map as background.

Activision started teasing something big during the last few weeks prior to the release of season three in Vanguard and War zonecoming on April 27th. It seems like two weeks pass between the launch of the new season and this new live event.

Operation Monarch seems to be Warzone’s attempt at one Fortnite-like live event. Epics Battle Royale sets the standard for massive, live in-game events, with players logging in to experience something happening in the game together. If Activision can handle it, the monster battle can be incredible to watch.

With season three starting next week, there should be an official confirmation of the photos above soon, and the event itself is on its way on May 11th.