Baldur’s Gate, MythForce studio to be acquired by Aspyr

Beamdog, the Canadian studio and publisher responsible for modern gates of the Baldur’s Gate games, will be acquired by Aspyr Media, the latter has announced. Aspyr is a Texas-based developer and publisher that focuses primarily on ports, but it is part of the fast-growing Embracer Group. The latter has completed 62 acquisitions since the start of 2020 worth about $ 8.1 billion according to Financial Times.

It’s a really subsidiary salad over there. Aspyr is a subsidiary of Saber Interactive, which is itself a subsidiary of the giant Embracer Group, which has over 10 direct subsidiaries (the subsidiaries’ subsidiaries not included!). These include Gearbox, Koch Media, THQ Nordic and Dark Horse Media. Suffice it to say that Beamdog will soon belong to a very, very large company with a market value of $ 9.9 billion.